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To ensure the rights and health of their customers would like to share with her ​​a few tips for choosing the coconut quality ..

Guidelines sisters selecting genuine coconut bamboo dock 


Currently coconut drink slant is a pure, non-pesticide that does not need preservatives so coconut is the first choice of many people. But this item has been sold out many times so many shop owners have immediate profit without health care that consumers have self-consistent transformation of others into coconut coconut does not guarantee quality as immersion coconut water with added bleach CL - professional type fabric bleaching, chemical injection lines in the coconut ...  

Because of this false fraud that many people have purchased the left "fake coconut" To ensure the rights and health of their customers would like to share with her ​​a few tips for choosing the coconut quality .. 

Experience coconut selected: 

- Should choose small fruits, green skin, the inner bark of white foam, as good as white. If the shell is porous blaze of yellow delicious coconuts. 

- If the original coconut water is moderate, only about one glass only, but very juicy and fragrant flavors. 

- Do not buy fruits bigger than the original coconut is never loud, but it is hybrid coconut. 

To detect coconut fruit sugar chemical injections to look to the stalk region (apex) of that coconut. If the water is foaming at the tip of the target market coconuts that are "injected". However, the coconut that has been injected into the fridge so it also had "insufficient", indistinguishable. 

Original coconut shells landing very young so soft when she could purchase requisitions coconut shell and due to the early delivery coconut paring knife okay. Very easy to peel coconut, not coconut toil as other types offline. (Customers who bought her the whole coconut peeled advice is just the beginning for easy drinking coconut water and not burned white trim, white trim if the blackened coconut lemon tea because her house not only soaked the Mother) 

Therefore, the best way to get coconuts safety, the buyer should choose unopened coconut shell intact in bunches. When you want to drink coconut water in place, ask the waiter firmly in place, absolutely not soaked did not wash anything. Be willing to shell out the picture when finished walls, blackened coconut shell, which secrete resin from coconut shells.