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Coir mats - a unique product made from coir fibers - is one of the typical products of Vietnam's national culture. Coir mats have become a typical gift of our country, contributing to promoting the image of Vietnam to the world.
There are many people who have found a way to take advantage of coconut shells to create high-value coir products that are exported to many countries around the world.
Coir net is a natural product, made from coir fiber and used to cover bare hills to prevent slope erosion. Coir fiber is collected from old coconut shells and processed into nets by hand. Coir mesh products are very popular with international customers because of their environmental friendliness and high efficiency, so they have a huge export volume.
Coconut coir pillow is a special handmade product, made from coir fiber and has an inner structure of coir fiber, the outside is covered with a layer of coconut fiber mesh. This product is used to prevent landslides in riparian areas along canals. Coir pillow products are very popular in developed countries because of their convenience and environmental friendliness
Huy Thinh Phat Co., Ltd is a company that supplies coconut coir mats in bulk or wholesale quantities nationwide and countries around the world.
The craft of making coconut fiber from dried coconut shells in Ben Tre province is considered one of the traditional occupations of the Mekong Delta. This is a small industry compared to others, but makes a huge contribution to the local economy and society. This article will introduce the production process of coir from dried coconut shells in Ben Tre province.
Aware of the importance of improving the level of science and technology to enhance the company's position in the market. Huy Thinh Phat Company constantly strives to become one of the leading manufacturers of coir carpet products in Vietnam. With the desire to bring quality coir carpet products, with high durability and standards of international customers.
Coir mats are the product line that consumers appreciate, very popular in the handicrafts industry at home and abroad.
We specialize in providing coir mats according to the required size and price at Mo Cay Bac Ben Tre.
Coir is the main material in the handicraft industry, it helps people weave extremely good coir carpets, with many beautiful and eye-catching designs.