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Coconut water contains many substances such as sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is a nutritious food source is good for the human body
To ensure the rights and health of their customers would like to share with her ​​a few tips for choosing the coconut quality ..
Coconut milk beverage is naturally sterile, helps maintain the health of both mother and baby.
Coir mats are the product line that consumers appreciate, very popular in the handicrafts industry at home and abroad.
The quintessential product line of coir mats in handicraft industry today. With many very diverse and rich patterns.
We specialize in providing coir mats according to the required size and price at Mo Cay Bac Ben Tre.
Coir mats are currently being highly appreciated and are also very popular in the handicraft industry.
Coir mats are no stranger to people today, a product line of environmentally friendly handicrafts.
Coir mat of various sizes are used for house linings.
Coconut tree image is very familiar to the general people of Ben Tre and Vietnamese people.